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Goal Solutions provides peace of mind 3rd party financial reporting solutions.    We specialize in efficient and reliable reconciliation and booking of loan transaction activity and the seamless generation of automated financial and investor reports.

Our team of experts will provide monthly reporting with enhanced data visualization so you can deliver accurate, on time, highly detailed results for your valued constituents.

pools and trusts


Facility Types

  • Loan pools
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Asset-backed securities (ABS) trusts

Asset Classes

  • Student loans (FFELP and private) and ISAs
  • Solar and home improvement loans



Client Types

  • Asset management – loan only
  • Active loan originators / bond issuers
  • Legacy loan originators / bond issuers

team members


Team Composition and Credentials

  • 1 director, 2 senior managers, and 2 managers
  • 4 senior accountants and 4 accounting analysts
  • 5 CPAs, 2 CFAs, and 6 masters degrees
  • Average 4 years at Goal Solutions and 11 years in the industry

our services

Investor Reporting

Validation, Booking, and Reconciliation of Transaction Activity

Bank Accounts

  • Monthly bank roll-forward details account balances and activity
  • Standard: collection account, distribution account, and reserve account

Loans (Assets)

  • Monthly loan/servicer roll-forward details loan balances and activity
  • Borrower principal and interest payments and other activity

Bonds (Liabilities)

  • Monthly liability roll-forward details bond balances and activity
  • Bond principal balances, payment distributions, and
    interest calculations

Trust Expenses

  • A/R: Goal administration fees, master servicing fees, and servicing fees
  • A/P: trustee fees, 3rd party servicing fees, and rating agency fees

Preparation and Review of Monthly Reporting

Bank Accounts

  • Reconciliation of cash
  • Summary of balances and transfers for each bank account

Loans (Assets)

  • Collection activity and loan performance details
  • Stratification tables summarizing loan characteristics

Bonds (Liabilities)

  • Balances, interest rates, and relevant dates or day count conventions
  • Bond payments based on available funds and trust structure
  • Application of credit enhancement and waterfall rules

Payment Instructions

  • Issuer orders (or MIOs) provide direction on payment distributions
  • Authorized payment of fees, and principal and interest
    bond distributions
financial technology services

Cash Reconciliation and Management


Receive Source Data

  • Receive all servicer, bank, and liability data in raw form
  • Receive all control files from third parties
  • Load data into raw data structures in data warehouse

Control Data & Valuation

  • Aggregate source data from raw tables and validate against aggregate control data
  • Load data into standardized data warehouse
  • Load into cubes and other reposting structures

Book General Ledger

  • Utilize aggregate data to create all journal entries for the general ledger
  • Automatically create and load journal entries into general ledger

Reconcile Ledger to Source

  • Create automated reconciliations from source data warehouse to the source general ledger
  • Identify variances and address immediately

Reporting & Analysis

  • Create investor reports linked to validated servicer, bank, and liability data as well as the general ledger
  • Create financial statements
  • Create and review margin analysis and variance analysis at the trust level
servicing technology platforms

peace of mind

Rating Agency, Audit
and Tax Support


  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financials
  • Budgeting and forecasting of financials
  • Compiled for warehouse and ABS trust clients
Tax Support

  • Provide supporting schedules for tax
Rating Agencies

  • Delivery of monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual replines
  • Respond to inquiries and review of press releases
  • Interface with agencies on ad hoc requests
Audit Support

  • Support internal client and external client audits
  • Internal support that includes interest income and margin analysis
  • Varying degrees of external support that may include interfacing with auditors

  • Maintenance and adherence to SOC1 policies and procedures