Uniquely positioned to make thoughtful investments.

Investments that get results

Since 2013, we have deployed $240 million of our capital across 49 transactions. Goal invests across the credit spectrum in whole loan portfolios, NPLs, and asset-backed financings, leveraging our asset management expertise to drive returns.

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Our strategy is to invest in what we know and can manage. That means consumer finance assets where Goal is an expert and can accurately identify and measure the risks and return potential. It also includes distressed situations, where we think the potential for above average returns outweighs the potential risks. And, because we’re vested in building longstanding relationships, we make co-investments with our partners.

What makes our investment approach unique? We have the complete package: capital markets and valuation expertise to evaluate consumer assets plus the infrastructure to manage the assets we invest in. That capability allows us to look at smaller opportunities and idiosyncratic investments that traditional investors would write off as inefficient.

Accurate and efficient loan valuation

We’ve built a proprietary loan performance database based on insights from our origination and purchase of consumer assets, most notably in the student loan space. Our customized modeling platform pulls from that database as well as from Moody’s Analytics and other technology platforms, which lets us efficiently run hundreds of multivariate scenarios. With that more granular view of potential investment opportunities, our clients can confidently make investment decisions.


Nimble capital markets services

Goal provides end-to-end transaction support, from pre-transaction due diligence to post-close monitoring. Our analytical capability allows us to work with financing providers and ratings agencies to assess the true value of consumers assets. Combined with our capital markets expertise and asset management platform, we can help clients optimize financing structures and boost returns.

Peter Sadowski

SVP Capital Markets & Investments

“With our valuation and capital markets expertise, we can evaluate opportunities of all types and sizes. When we layer our asset management platform on top of that, we can minimize operational risk and optimize loan performance. It’s this combination that gives us the confidence to invest, either on our own or alongside our clients.”

Our Investments

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Client Success Story

Increasing Recovery Rates Over the Long Term

Situation: a securitization trust wanted to exit student loan financing. With defaulted loans and underperforming bonds, the company needed to collect assets to generate improvements and pay off the bondholders.