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Outcomes-Based Lending

We take a different approach to lending

Our outcomes-based approach disrupts the way traditional lending is done. It relies on analytics to inform smarter investments and help people borrow more responsibly.

We’ve been working collaboratively in the student loan industry for more than a decade and constantly evolve our loan program offerings to meet the changing needs of students and schools. Our student loan programs strive to fix what’s broken in higher education lending, and our customized solutions help students realistically consider the return on their investment and make the right financial decision for their future.

Now, we’re taking it a step further and applying that same disruptive, outcomes-based approach to other asset classes, including solar and home improvement.

Lending Programs


Loan program design

We can facilitate custom tuition financing and loan programs for schools that are based on both their needs and the needs of their students. Our programs allow for different levels of participation and risk sharing.

Student lending

Traditionally, higher education loans have been based solely on credit scores. That’s fundamentally problematic because most college students have minimal or nonexistent credit histories, which makes it difficult for them to get favorable loan terms and/or requires the help of cosigners. We take a more holistic view, taking into account a student’s creditworthiness, school, program or major choice, cost of attendance, graduation date, and other factors.

Disrupting the way lending is done

Goal Solutions incubates or invests in direct-to-consumer companies who are disrupting how lending is done. Our first company, Ascent Student Lending, is a direct-to-consumer, student loan company that has pioneered results-based lending programs for independent and co-signed higher education loans.

In June 2019, Goal Solutions acquired Skills Fund, who provides student loans using a risk-share model for schools offering bootcamps and workforce training programs


Ascent Student Loans is built around one guiding principle above all others: Student loans should expand your possibilities, not limit them. That’s why Ascent gives students more opportunities to qualify for a loan in their own name.


Skills Fund is an outcomes-based education finance company that provides student loans for bootcamps and workforce training programs via a risk-share model with schools.

Client Success Story

Increasing Recovery Rates Over the Long Term

Situation: a securitization trust wanted to exit student loan financing. With defaulted loans and underperforming bonds, the company needed to collect assets to generate improvements and pay off the bondholders.