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Asset Management

We manage $22 billion in consumer assets for over 100 investors, insurance companies, banks, credit unions, fintech’s and colleges. We support multiple asset classes through master, primary, special or backup servicing along with each stage of account delinquency and default collections. Our Structured Finance team can handle every aspect of reporting and cash management.

servicing technology platforms


collections experience

A critically important part of asset management includes collections.  Goal Solutions manages its collection activities through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Turnstile Capital Management (TCM). Within TCM we use inhouse resources and also leverage preferred third-party partners to optimize portfolio collection results for our clients

TCM provides Asset Management services for over $7B across a spectrum of assets. Vetting our third-party partners involves a detailed process. We have developed a rigorous initial and ongoing review process to maintain the highest quality, security, performance, and integrity standards.

TCM will work with each client to define the best approach to take on any given asset.

lifecycle management

We combine the best of inhouse capabilities with a select partner agency network to optimize results for our clients.  


Early Awareness

  • Customized borrower outreach strategies
  • Clarify borrower obligations
  • Ensure satisfactory payment arrangements
  • Counsel on non-repayment options

Repayment (Current)

  • Oversight of servicer duties
  • Establish rigorous borrower contact guidelines
  • Regular on-site visits and interactions to manage performance
  • Compliance monitoring including regulatory compliance auditing

Default Aversion

  • Strong SLAs
  • Close, interactive day-to-day relationships with agencies
  • Champion vs Challenger strategy and detailed agency performance monitoring
  • Reward top performers with bonuses and larger inventory

Default Recovery

  • Proactive and frequent post-default rotations
  • Optimize liquidation rates based upon client mandate and desired outcome (i.e., nominal vs. near-term cash flow)

Litigation & Settlement

  • Deep understanding of localized jurisdiction-specific dynamics to inform litigation strategy
  • Minimize out-of-statute population
  • Hold agencies to high standard on settlement offers

asset recovery



  • Our finely tuned strategy allows us to reconnect with borrowers where time has changed their circumstances
  • Highly ethical collection approach applied with velvet persistence to ensure the utmost dignity and respect during the collection process
  • Work all types of debt including Credit Cards, Installment Loans, DDA, and others specializing in aged debt collections
  • We specialize in working out payment arrangements for customers optimizing our model to obtain the best possible deal for our clients and their customers



  • Our results are proven over decades of experience across multiple clients, asset classes and balance ranges
  • Capacity to deliver exceptional results for both large and small placements ranging from 50 to 100,000+ accounts
  • We excel and produce results across many placement levels and balances including in fresh small balance debt under $750