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Expanding Solar Servicing: Goal Solutions Continues to Innovate through its Progressive Program

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Goal Solutions consumer solar loan servicing

Goal Solutions Broadening Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Lease Servicing Program.

San Diego, CA – January 9, 2024 – Goal Solutions, a renowned leader in the solar servicing industry with an extensive track record of excellence, is proud to unveil its expansion into Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Lease Servicing Program. This innovative initiative underscores Goal Solutions’ commitment to providing seamless solar servicing solutions, further establishing its reputation as a pioneer in the solar energy sector.

Through a streamlined servicing approach, Goal Solutions leverages years of industry expertise to manage the intricacies of servicing PPA and lease programs, eliminating the complexities of management for its clients. While collaborating closely with program owners, Goal Solutions can tailor servicing to fit each client’s unique needs.

Additionally, Goal Solutions boasts a specialized capability in managing Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and sales tax obligation filings efficiently. In-house experts are well-versed in navigating the intricacies of UCC filings, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected, and their solar projects remain compliant with all legal requirements. Goal is integrated with all the various state and local jurisdictions where tax calculations are based on. This additional layer of expertise further solidifies our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, ensuring that clients maximize focus on their core business, translating to cost savings and operational efficiency.

President and CEO, Matt Myers stated, “We are huge believers in the transformational potential of solar-generated power and want to enable lenders to offer whatever products best fit the needs of their customers and still get best-in-class servicing through our Launch Servicing subsidiary, a proven leader in the servicing industry. By developing our lease and PPA capabilities in tight partnership with clients we made sure that our servicing reflects the most modernized features that our lender partners and their customers have come to expect.”

Goal Solutions has a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional solar servicing solutions designed to support investors, originators, banks, credit unions, and other program participants. The addition of PPA and Lease servicing solutions expands its reach, allowing for further enhancements in processes to ultimately provide unparalleled service quality for both clients and customers.

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