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Optimizing Loan Performance Starts Early

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Origination, which is the initial funding and disbursement of a loan, marks the first stage in the lending cycle. For most lenders, the process of optimizing loan performance begins prior to origination and includes research and development of loan management strategies for the entire lending cycle.

Successful loan program design starts with due diligence and data analysis.

Gathering and analyzing loan performance data allows lenders to identify risks and make financial projections in order to develop rigorous underwriting criteria. These criteria are used to assess the creditworthiness of a potential borrower and determine whether a loan is approved or denied. Building a loan program that prioritizes the success of both lenders and borrowers and incorporates a rigorous approach to underwriting is the solid foundation of a successful loan program.

Optimizing performance requires comprehensive loan management.

After loan origination, the lending cycle proceeds through various, sometimes unpredictable, stages that each require different operational resources and expertise. Optimizing overall loan performance therefore requires a unique plan for each stage. Proactively establishing these processes prior to origination will enable proper resource planning and a thorough assessment of potential partners or vendors.

Goal Solutions manages loan program design from start to finish using decades of performance data and capital markets expertise to guide successful lending decisions. To achieve optimal portfolio performance, our clients count on our comprehensive asset management solutions, from loan servicing through collections.

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