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Loan Servicing is More Than Collecting Payments

By September 16, 2019August 31st, 2021No Comments
Goal Solutions loan servicing
After origination a loan will enter the repayment stage and may remain there until paid in full. Most lenders choose a loan servicing partner to manage the repayment process on their behalf. Optimizing portfolio performance during the repayment stage requires effective loan servicing and default prevention solutions.

Improve repayment by enhancing the borrower’s loan servicing experience.

Loan servicers are the main point of contact for borrowers during a majority of the lending cycle and they play a critical role in optimizing loan performance. Lenders should choose a servicing partner that provides innovative solutions and makes the repayment process easier for borrowers. An effective servicer does more than collect payments, they are a strategic partner who is committed to delivering results.

Leverage technology to improve the loan servicing process.

In today’s digital landscape, borrowers value convenience and efficiency in their daily lives. A loan servicer should provide online account access and mobile app technology that allows borrowers to access loan information and make payments – anytime, from anywhere.  A lender should also expect their servicer to provide flexible technology that can accommodate loan program changes and offer detailed performance reporting.

Technology to drive performance. Clients receive detailed performance reporting and convenient access to their loan data using an online lender portal. Our servicing platform makes repayment easier by providing online account access and mobile app technology for borrowers.

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